Every child has the right to access quality education,
regardless of their disabilities.


A community of students with disabilities that have a passion to advance their education. LearnNaiDee provides information, consulting, workshops, and events to empower these students in pursuing their interest in education.

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Whether you are an educator, educational counselor, parent, or student with disability yourself, join our community and be a part of the inclusive education movement together.

Education is the key to success

Access to quality education is the right every child should have, but not for children with disabilities. The choice of students with disabilities in pursuing their interest in education is limited by the lack of inclusive educational institution, learning materials, specialized educators, centralized information center, and social awareness. The lack of education does not only affect the chance of having a decent job but also a decent quality of life.

LearnNaiDee is committed to break these limitations by providing centralized information, personal educational consultation, various workshops, and educational fair to make sure that every students with disabilities has an opportunity to pursue their interest in education on every level.

LearnNaiDee Educational Fair

Thailand largest educational fair for students with disabilities.

Come and search about educational opportunity from leading universities that provide inclusive courses. Join multiple workshops to prepare for the future. And get the most updated information on university application process.