Sport is a powerful tool to bring people together regardless of their needs and challenges.


A community of runner with and without disabilities. Run2gether aims to promote social inclusion in a running community. By pairing up runners with disabilities and guide-runners, both of them foster a shared experience and create a bond of friendship that goes beyond their differences.

From small running group in Bangkok in 2015, Run2gether is now a big running group with over a thousands runner with disabilities and guide-runners in 5 provinces of Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Udonthani, Chonburi, Suratthani.

Run2gether creates an inclusive movement in Thailand running community by having more and more runners with disabilities joining the race. With a hope that it will create a ripple of change to other sports communities and society at large.

Join the Run2gether community

Whether you are a chill jogger or a gold medalist, you can volunteer as a guide-runner by joining our community here.

Changing the World one mile at a time

Many people with disabilities are isolated from the society because of the social stigma. Parents feel ashamed when telling others about their children with disabilities. People looks at them with sympathy, not empathy.

Run2gether is committed to break that stigma in a running community one mile at a time. For runners with disabilities, running is more than just a sport. It is about challenging their physical and mental limitation to go beyond their disabilities. After crossing that finish line, they are no longer just a runner with disabilities, but a finisher.

By pairing up with a runner with disabilities, a guide-runner has an opportunity to get to know the person whom they normally would not meet in daily life. The bond of friendship and empathy are formed during the run and stay after the finish line.


Many sports can be played by both people with and without disabilities with some adaptive tools and rules. Want to make your sports more inclusive? We are here to help.