Inclusive Lifestyle

Each individual, regardless of their abilities, has the right to practice their passion and hobby.


Media is a powerful platform for raising awareness about people with disabilities. Having disabled actors or actresses in movies, series, or even in short advertisements can create the right perception to the audiences that they are also a part of our society.

Together modelling is a modelling of actors and actresses with disabilities. Beside creating jobs for people with disabilities, we aim to promote social inclusion by increasing their visibility in general media.

Together Modelling

Modelling of actors and actresses with disabilities


Movie is a form of entertainment and social activity that we all do regularly, but not everyone. For blind people, enjoying a movie is not something they can take for granted. Not only a special narration called an audio description is required, movie theaters also have to understand and willing to accommodate customers with special needs, and other customers have to have an awareness too. That is what movie2gether is aiming to solve.

Movie2gether is an initiative to make moviegoer community more inclusive. By organizing movie events for people with visual impairment in the same showtime with other audiences using Pannana application, the theater has become an inclusive place for all.

with SF Cinema


Cooking is not just about food, it helps boost self-reliance, self-believe, and sense of achievement. It can also be a fun social activity to bring people together. And this time, cooking will be used to raise awareness about social inclusion.

Cook2gether is an activity that brings people with visual impairment and sighted people together through cooking. Using our best practices in mastering kitchen utensils and cooking method, people with visual impairment can safely cook basic to complex dishes mostly by themselves. While sighted people will be a sous-chef assisting people with visual impairment or try blindfolding to understand the world with vision loss.

with Lin Sugar